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April Schallau - CEO/Founder

Derek Barkley - Chief Financial Officer

Heather Reamy - Executive Manager 

Kalico Skywalter - Executive Assistant 

Lily Robertson - Executive Assistant 

Miranda Kemp - Graphic Design Manager 

Mariah Jeffers - Product/Shipping Info Rep

Destiny White - Party Planner Manager 



Sugar Shower Affiliate of the Month 

-Melissa Glomb-



"I have a 26 year old daughter, her name is Carrine, she is a nurse and works at Allegheny County Jail.She is still in college and furthering her career. She works full time at the jail and putting herself through college, without any loans .I can not even to begin to say how proud I am of her as her mom and best friend. When, I told her about my excitement of finding Sugar shower and wanting to become an affiliate she was very supportive and said mom that's awesome and I know you can do great the products are so you mom and wow, everything looks adorable and I better get a bigger discount than 5% .  
I have one of the most amazing Step daughters Alicia, that I am truly blessed to have in my life. She can brighten my day unlike anyone I know..She has blessed me with a fantastic son in law, and two beautiful grand kids..Alicia, is a skincare junkie like myself. I gave her the bath fizz for Christmas and she fell in love..Alicia, is very supportive of my journey and excited for me.
I have 3 Yorkies Pierre, Lou and Tinkerbell, a Macaw parrot named Slick and a Cat named Focker.. I am sure if they could talk they would be very supportive hoping I will be home more..
In 2013 I was in a motorcycle accident and I am so blessed to be here for my family. I have a lot of issues from the accident and still suffering from 2013. I have health issues that make it hard to" rise and shine" as they say.  I have joined many affiliate companies and tried my best to succeed. I found Sugar Shower on accident and I honestly, can not remember how I found the company. I ordered from the site and joined up as an affiliate the same day. I was added to some Facebook posts and it just went from there. I found myself laughing and commenting on posts. I felt so comfortable interacting with everyone and this was completely new to me I would of much rather sat back and not interact, try to lean about the company I had signed up with. That is when I realized, that not only does this company offer amazing looking products and quality, but wow the affiliates are so fun, caring, and supportive, not in a way that I saw support with other companies. It always seemed to me that the support I received were goals completely out of reach and only seemed to help your up line better their business.
I am so grateful to represent a company that not only has fantastic looking products, but the quality is just as great. Appearance is always a plus and will get sales. If the quality is not as great as the appearance then sales will only draw new customers and new sales, not continual sales..I am very impressed with the cost of our products they are affordable to everyone. Sugar Shower does not have minimum monthly purchase or a fee to be an affiliate. I have found that with many affiliate company's and it is a real draw back for me. I am in love with the fact we have an amazing support system and are able to voice our thoughts with others and everyone is involved with supporting each other , including the owner of the company who is involved with helping the affiliates.
I have tried the face wash, oatmeal cinnamon bath bar, and I can not even tell you how much I am in love with the two products I have tried.My face was starting to break out and after one use, I have to say it really started clearing up, love the smell and I really enjoy the fact it takes all my makeup off but my face does not feel dry. The bath bar smells  absolutely amazing and your skin feels extremely soft.with a hint of oatmeal cinnamon sent. 
My goal with Sugar Shower Co is to really work hard to help other affiliates as much as I can and build a business, I would like to make a profitable income and enjoy life. I am not able to work like I did before the accident and I am really hoping to be successful." 
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